Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally, I Got My EON Card!

This is it, I finally got my EON Card! This means, I'm off to getting the money that I worked so hard for the past weeks. Do you know what I mean? Well, it's like this, I'm blogging for money, right? So, in order for me to get the payment that I accepted in my Paypal account, I need this EON Card. Actually, I can also use my credit card instead of this one. But since I'm planning to save all the money that I earned from blogging up to December (I'll keep my fingers crossed that I can wait that long), I chose this option in order to maximize Paypal's service.

So, how did I get it? It's very simple. My friend, Mina, told me to access this site where anyone can apply for an eon card online. I just entered the information that they needed, submit the online application form, and then that's it! I received this email saying that I can claim the card on the branch that I indicated after 3 working days. It's not that long, right?

I visited the Unionbrank branch three weeks after filing the application form. And there it was, my eon card waiting for me! After paying the P350.oo charge and deposited P100.00 on that cyber account to be able to register for Paypal’s extensive service, I got the eon card in no time. And oh by the way, I also presented two ID's (e.g. SSS ID, TIN, passport) as part of the requirements.

So, if you are also looking for an easier way to withdraw your money from your Paypal account, then this eon cyber account is the answer!


宝茹 said...

Can you use debit cards for Paypal?

Phoebe said...

I'm not sure if other debit cards can be used. But from what I read from other blogs, BDO card can also be used. I just dont know the specific type of account to use.