Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bohol Adventure

I'm getting more and more excited as the day of our trip to bohol comes nearer. Yup, we're going to Bohol! Me and my best buddies (Dex, Bow, Talie, and Glad) were planning this trip since last year. Before, we were contented to go nature-tripping in resorts here in Bicol. But last year, we decided to extend our boundaries and explore the beauty of Philippines. First stop - BOHOL!

The Island Paradise Province of Bohol

Located 803 km. south of Manila, Bohol is a part of Region VII Central Visayas with Tagbilaran City as its major city and capital. People from this place speak Boholano as their native dialect; but some also speak tagalog, English, and even Chinese.

Bohol is a home to the ever famous Chocolate Hills, making it one of the most visited places in the Philippines. But aside from this tourist attraction, there are lots of other places to visit in Bohol. One of these is Panglao Island.

Panglao Island

Panglao Island, which is located southwest of Bohol, is the place to be if you want to experience sun, sand, and sea. A lot of tourists come to this place because it is an ideal vacation spot, with its white sand beaches and accommodating resorts.

Just a while ago, me and my buddies were comparing different Panglao Island resorts such as Alona Palm Beach, Alona Kew, Lost Horizon, and Bohol Beach Club. All of them look great, but we have to choose one which will suit not only our preference but also our budget. We, then, chose Lost Horizon - main reason: because it's affordable for the five of us. The cottage costs 2000php but it is consumable. This is not our final choice, however. Anyway, it's still a month more before the trip, so we still have time to decide.

Other Activities To Do in Bohol

Aside from spending one day at Panglao Island, of course there are other activities that we don't want to miss in Bohol.

One is to visit Chocolate Hills.

And two is to meet the famous tarsier.

After doing these two, including the nature-tripping in Panglao Island Nature Resort, we can really say that we have a fun-filled Bohol experience.

So now, all we can do is wait. Today is just the 26th of January, so it would be 41 days more to go, since our Bohol adventure will start on the 8th of March. Hmmm..I don't think that would be too long.

For now, let me find that 2-piece which I'm going to wear in Panglao Island. Wehehehe! Can you imagine how I'd look? (giggle)


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