Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged: 5 Random Things

Boy, I've been tagged by Neil, a co-forumer of Dex! Actually, this is the third time I've been tagged in the past 5 days. First from Dex, second from Mina, and now this. I don't know why from the three, this meme caught my interest the most. Perhaps, it's because this is the easiest one to answer and will not consume much of my time since I still have other stuff to do. So here it goes:

5 Things Found in my Bag
1. Wallet
2. Sign Pen
3. Comb
4. Cell Phone
5. Perfume

5 Things Found in my Wallet
1. Cash
2. ATM Cards
3. Credit Card
4. ID's (SSS, TIN)
5. My photo

5 Things Found in my Room
1. semi-double bed
2. drawer
3. electric fan
4. clothes
5. TEDDY, my big stuff bear

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do
1. Have a vacation ( I just wanna be away from my pc even for a couple of days)
2. Go shopping (since I gave birth, I never had the time & the money)
3. Cook and bake yummy foods
4. Travel outside the country (South Korea? Well...)
5. Have my own home and car soon

5 Things I am Currently Into
1. Babysitting
2. Blogging (I'm getting addicted, whew!)
3. Trying to lose weight/ Diet
4. Skin whitening (wehehehe...)
5. Baby's clothes

5 People to Tag on this Meme
1. Nays
2. Mina