Friday, January 18, 2008

PPP Here I Come!

Yep, finally, my blog is now approved by PayPerPost, a blog network which allows bloggers like me to get paid for blogging! That is right; I’m now blogging for money! Before I just consider this blog like a personal diary, but now, I’m finally doing more than just sharing what’s on my mind.

I first learned about this from my colleague, Ate Raziel, way back in June. It caught my interest, yep, but not to the extent that I sign up and start blogging about web sites, products, and services. I was too caught up with my pregnancy state during that time, so I never really gave the financial reward that blog advertising can offer its needed attention.

But now that almost three months have passed since I gave birth, I asked myself, “how could I ever make blogging not only a worthwhile experience but also a rewarding one?” So, after hearing my colleagues’ stories about how they make money by blogging, I immediately consider the idea of blogging not only about my life but also about the other things that I love.

There are sites, products, and services which are certainly worth my time blogging, especially if they are about life, family, and home. Through this, I will not just be writing, but I will also be learning at the same time. And hmm, how about the extra cash? It will certainly help a lot in buying the extra stuff that I need for my 2-month old baby.

So, PPP here I come!